Air-Grill fire starter/blower

pgmr Posted By pgmr, Mar 11, 2008 at 3:22 PM

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  1. pgmr

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    I received an original Air-Grill blower for Christmas and have used it the last couple weeks to get the wood stove fire going. Have used bellows in the past with limited success, so I wasn't setting my hopes too high for this gadget.

    I was blown away (pun intended) by the results! Put in a couple large pieces, stack smaller ones on top, some kindling underneath and one sheet of newspaper by the kindling. Light the paper and slowly start cranking the Air-Grill blower. In a minute or two, the kindling will be fully engulfed in flames and the larger pieces on top will have ignited as well.

    It also works great when adding wood to bed of coals. I rake the coals to the front, throw in the wood and start cranking the blower. In no time, you've got a blast furnace effect going.

    The nice thing is it produces a continuous stream of air versus the pulsing of a bellows or lung power. The Inflator model looks to be even more useful for camping, inflating pool floats, air mattresses, etc.

    I have no connection to this company.
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    That's pretty cool little unit.

    I too was in the same boat of using an old school bellows. I ended up going to a lazier route and bought an electric powered bellows. Here is one link that talks about it. It's made by Condar. I have been using it since Christmas and like it allot. It's way better than blowing or using a pump style bellows.

    Congrats on the new bellows.

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