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New Member
Sep 11, 2023
North Georgia
Hello there, stove community!
New owner of the Aspen c3 stove here. Installed in March 2023. Had a dozen break in fires before the weather soon turned too warm to burn. My wife and I really like it so far. Burns good, no smoke, good draft.

I've enjoyed reading through a handful of threads on here over the past while and thought I'd join the discussions. I grew up heating with Old Grandaddy Fisher stoves in the 90s. Now I finally acquired a homestead of my own a couple years ago, which happened to come with a neat little Fisher Princess model pedestal stove in the workshop/garage, that only had the stovepipe removed, but a good chimney in tact. I hooked up a telescoping stovepipe in short order and burned frequently in the garage the last two winters with great enjoyment.

I'll be cutting a lot more firewood now that we are expecting to be burning as a supplemental heat for our HVAC system opposed to just as a hobby in the workshop. I'm curious to see how well it heats throughout the colder months. Our living space is pretty small so I think the stove size of the c3 is well matched to that and our mild north georgia climate.
Anyway just wanted to introduce myself. Looking forward to following along with other wood burners going into the cold season soon. 👍