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QandA Posted By QandA, Oct 4, 2004 at 2:20 PM

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    We've had our big Buck Stove for almost 3 years now and I was wondering what type of maintenance was required for the Catalytic combustor. Do these things get clogged up? What are the warning signs that they are becoming clogged and what can be done about them?


    Here's the general scoop on converters:
    1. They are made of a ceramic substrate with a micro thin coating of platinum or palladium- two catalytic metals.
    2. Usually- the coating outlasts the substrate- that is- the unit will physically degrade previous to the catalytic metals being used up.
    3. Painted or creosoted wood can affect the converters- so do not use anything besides natural wood.4
    . The thin coating of dust that settles on the converter will lower performance. The converter should be "blown out" at least once a year- using either compressed air in a can- or a straw or rubber tube.
    5. The gasket around the converter should be checked and replaced. It is usually an expandable type called "interam gasket". This is very important as air leakage around the combustor will lower the efficiency of the stove- and possibly damage the converter.
    6. Check the fit of your stoves' bypass damper. You must insure a good fit in order to get proper combustor performance.
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