Efficiency of old wood cook stove vs slightly newer wood cook stove

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New Member
Aug 18, 2022
Ontario, Canada
Hi everyone,

I'm looking to use a wood cook stove for heating and cooling in the winter and am heating about 1500 sq ft.

I've inherited an old cast iron Findlay Vega, the company has long since stopped production of stoves, and I was just wondering about efficiency for these old beasts. I know that cook stoves typically aren't as efficient in the first place and that older models don't typically work with secondary burn but what would the difference be between getting this up and running (which might be a pain anyways due to the ~7 inch oval exhaust vent) and something like a 2001 Margin Gem (marginstove.com/products/margin-cookstoveEN.pdf) that I might be able to get second hand. Hoping not to break the bank but ultimately if it will be that much of a difference in wood burning and emissions then I would consider.

The pictures are of the Findlay vega


IMG_20220818_113442.jpg IMG_20220818_113516.jpg IMG_20220818_113506.jpg IMG_20220818_113451.jpg IMG_20220818_114004.jpg IMG_20220818_113544.jpg IMG_20220818_113538.jpg