General Question Regarding Reinstall Of A 13, And Replacing In The Future....

Dix Posted By Dix, Feb 28, 2013 at 9:06 PM

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    The 13 is currently installed in the accessory apartment, and is coming out ( not comfy with a tenant operating a wood stove). Will be heating the apt with oil, and using the oil for HW during the winter months, switching to the electric HWH during warmer weather.

    I'd like to move the 13 into the main house for supplemental heat on a lower level. Site is on a slab. Room is currently not used, was formerly the master bedroom.

    If I move the 13, and eventually reconfigure the house so the former MB is a kitchen, AND want to install another stove where the 13 would be situated, would the clearances required for the 13 leave me options when looking for another stove down the line? I thin so. I now the 13 requires more "clearances" than most stoves.

    Hope this floor plan makes sense.Tentative 13 placement in red, bottom middle. The PE is in the room labeled bedroom 19' 6" X 11' 2" which is now a den.

    HOUSELAYOUT61408 (2) 13 install.jpg

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