Hearthstone I - newbie burning fast

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Jan 5, 2016
New Jersey
Evening all... I'm a wood stove newbie and just inherited a HearthStone I. I was well cared for, chimney was swept regularly. I have fully read up on the instructions and posts on burning, but wanted to check with you all to see if i'm missing something. I put about 4 logs on started it up and got it going, closed the damper, secondary air in take is open, and manual thermostat very slightly opened. It seemed to burn to hot coals in a matter of 1-2 hrs. Thoughts? Could the gaskets be shot? If so, what are thoughts on DIY to uncover the problems?
Thanks in advance for any info!
Greetings. Inspect the firebox when the stove is cold. Look at the secondary burn tube closely and feel it on the backside to verify it is not cracked or ruptured. Then look up at the baffle to see if it is missing, damaged or warped. The look around for any cracks inside or out in the stones or castings. Do the dollar bill test to check the door gaskets and be sure they are sealing well.

How long and thick were the logs?
Do the above and also put in a pipe damper.
In mine the first load usually gets blown up the chimney fairly quick. The primary air is open longer to heat the stones then it acts normal. Just don't think that the stove will give you a 8 hour burn. I've got 5 hours out mine that's it
Oh yah mine a h2 not a h1 same idea a lot bigger stove
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