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    Hi, I only have an idea, of what I am looking for, and don't know if it is actually possible to do legally. Can you still build a round stone fireplace in the center of a room, with a type of pit in the center for the fire, and an over hanging hood? I believe I have seen this in magazines, or on tv in an old Swiss chalet type setting. I would like to make it the centerpiece of an enclosed deck area, with a stone or antiqued wooden bench circling it. I would appreciate knowing the name of this type of fireplace, and any information that you might have relating to it. Thanks so much, Beth


    Have not seen those hood for awhile, but I am sure they can be had. First lead you might want to check is Malm Fireplaces at http://www.malmfireplaces.com

    I've had this type of thing built out of copper sheeting with cement board underlayment, but be sure to have the approval of your local code official on any such design.

    Link: Malm Fireplaces
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