Making windows inoperable

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Could you purchase all the alarms and code compliant accessories, get inspected, then remove and return them?
I certainly could, as I suspect many do.
For what the cheap ones cost it wouldn't even be worth the trouble to return IMO
There are no cheap ones that will satisfy inspection, they MUST carry the UL 2017 certification and marking, no exceptions. However, even if I bought those expensive and ugly ones, I would not screw a vendor by returning them after installation, that's just not me. I'd leave them in a drawer for some future owner of the house, as they should keep indefinitely, with the batteries removed.
Can you put screens on the windows instead?
Most of them have storm windows fitted, and while they're not mentioned in the code, any screens require a second alarm in addition to the one on the main sash or door. Many of the UL listed alarms come with two pairs of sensors, for this reason. Mount one alarm box, wire two pairs of magnetic sensors into each, one for main door/window sash, second for screen.

Yeah, overkill. I didn't write the code. I believe all of this was implemented in 2017, and is part of national code, now.
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