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    I have an Englander 24FC woodstove.
    It has a glass window in the door that is removable. There seems to be a woven string-like material acting as a gasket around this pane of glass. This is also a seal around the door.It all seems to be coming apart and getting scorched and ragged lately (the stove is 7 years old). I suppose I should replace it, but I don't know what it is called.

    Can anyone tell me what this stuff is, and maybe where I can find it?


    Stove gasket is usually made of fiberglass, although some use mineral wool and older stoves even asbestos. You can find the replacement stuff at any stove shop and even at online merchants like Lehmans and Stoveparts Unlimited.

    Gasket cement is used to hold it in place. There is an article at www.hearth.com/what/gasket.html on replacing your door and glass gaskets.

    Link: Hearth.com Article on Regasketing Stove Doors
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