New tax credits for 2021

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That is a challenge. Some have been promised, but I am not sure when we are going to see them. For example, the Hearthstone Clydesdale hybrid is still mia, but claims high efficiency and says it qualifies on their website.

Add the Regency I1500 & I2500.
I know all the CEO's, so I can call them. I'm on the road next week in Missouri, so I can also check showrooms...thanks.


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Jan 19, 2019
SE North Carolina
Is the only requirement that it has to have 75% efficiency? For example, the Osburn 3500 shows it is 77% but I couldn't find it on the list.
75% HHV. Look close at the 3500 specs for the HHV.


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HHV is all that counts...
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