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    We're trying to locate a stove called La petite Godin from France that a client of ours presently has in a guest suite at her Montana Lodge. She loves it and wants another one . We are building a new guest house for our client and would like to find the importer of this stove. If we remember correctly,she told us she thought that it was still available. Can you help us locate an importer of this small stove? I do know of a supplier of one older model in black. Our client has an enameled one in green, so we'd like the color choices, if possible. Is this item no longer produced and sought out only at high priced antique dealers in Manhattan? I'm Looking forward to your input. I was told by Mike at H.P.A. that you'd know or would love to find out for us.


    Russo Products at (781)963-1182 were the last known importer. They should either be able to get it or offer some leads as to the current situation.

    11/2007 A google search for Petit Godin does not turn up much information. However a company called inventex does sell a couple of parts for Petit Godin Stoves. Other possible sources might be woodmans associates or stove parts unlimited. Both can be found on the Hearth.com part place page.

    Link: Hearth.com parts place
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