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elkimmeg Posted By elkimmeg, Apr 12, 2006 at 12:04 AM

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  1. elkimmeg

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    I did a chimney throat inspection last week. This Mason dissed about every other mason in the area,
    and how much better he was. I listened to the line but the throat area was ok. He had started the Wyth
    ( partition) that code requires to separate flue lines. Code and theory one flue to one chase
    separated by 4" soild block or masonry to any additional flues. This code was adopted in 1998, so it been on the
    books for 8 years.
    I drive by tonight delivering a cabinet I retrofitted and repaired. Guess what the flues are touching each other.
    I climb the pipe staging to confirm it. No partition wyth. This guy never figured I would be back before he finished.
    The calls will come into the office tomorrow and the crying starts. We had the discussion of it being code during
    the throat inspection. This chimney is comming down. He gets to practice doing it again. No wonder he is so good
    he gets to do things twice

    Code cut and paste

    3610.2.9 Multiple flues: When two or more flues
    are located in the same chimney, masonry wythes
    shall be built between adjacent flue linings. The
    masonry wythes shall be at least four inches (102
    mm) thick and bonded into the walls of the
  2. babalu87

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    Nov 23, 2005
    middleborough, ma.
    "But he's my best mechanic"

    Yeah, no sh!t, he has to do everything twice

    What class idiot is he?
    I woiuld find something the next time too, he needs to be taught a lesson
  3. elkimmeg

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    First will be the whinning phone call. But I didn't know or when did that become code. Response I told you it was required when I did the throat inspection.. Oh! you mean you have not read the recent code. Btw stop by my office so that I can have a copy of your mansory licence on file, This code was changed in 1998 so you want to argue with me as you just admitted having not read code for the past 8 years. You do have a code book? One is required on each and every job site. Do I really have to take it down? Yes but a licenced mason has to erect it. You do have a licence? right? You know sometimes in life it does not pay to be a smart a**. This guy deliverately cut a corner. Code does not apply to him. After all the inspector will never see it in the finnish product..

    Here is how my day went yesterday i tour down a deck. Today I was going to hand dig footings for a larger 3 season room.
    First footing dug ok but I ran into 8" coble stones in the hole. A real pain to get out 4' down. I start the next footing and 18" down I hit a rock that will not budge and the more I dig the larger it gets. Since the job in on my street, I went home and got my backhoe. I did not want to use it because it destroys more area than I want to restore afterwards. The terrain is sloping and it is hard to get to square it and line it up. I continue into two more footings but something does not look right. I return home and get planks to box out the premiter checking my sono tube placements. I find two are not in the right place I will have to hand dig them up and re set their placements. Making matters worse is shrubs in the way of measurements. I do not use 8" or 10" sono tubs but 12" to allow for some adjustments and more area to hit. Each tub requires 7 80lbs bags of mixed concrete. The other thing I do is add additional sono tubs footings at mid spands so for a 12/16 room 5 are required. With the deck in place, it is very hard to place them afterwards without digging the holes first. Usually I am dead on but the slopes and bushes skewed linning it up. Flat, I would have been able to use measurements and string. Point being we all make mistakes. I am correcting mine before they become an issue
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