Thermostat options for Jotul 400DV Sebago

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Feb 10, 2022
Sandpoint Idaho
Hi there! We installed a Jotul ( mid winter this year. As we live in North Idaho and this little unit is powerful we are going to add a thermostat this year.

Alas, the internet is full of information and options. We are looking for some advice:
- Can we use any 750 milivolt thermostat on this Jotul?
- Do we need to use the Jotul specific thermostat? It's expensive:
- It we don't have to use a Jotul specific thermostat, does anyone have suggestions or products they prefer?
- Has anyone used a Nest before?

Thanks a bunch!
Yes, any 750mv thermostat will work.
We have that same stove and use an inexpensive wired thermostat that I purchased from our local hardware store. You would have to run a wire from the stove to the t-stat to use this type.

I have seen the Skytech brand of remotes recommended here quite often and it looks like the Jotul you linked to is a rebranded Skytech at a much higher price.

If you want a smart thermostat, the Nest looks doable but it will be more involved with integrating the transformer and relay into the circuit. If you'r not comfortable with control wiring you might want a bit of help with that.
How has this stove worked out for you? How many sq ft are you heating?
How has this stove worked out for you? How many sq ft are you heating?
We are very happy with the stove but I'm not sure that I can be of any help. We have a fairly mild climate here and rarely see temps below 30°. Our primary heat is a 50K btu wall furnace and the Sebago only heats the dining room and kitchen which aren't very large. We have the flame control set to about 50% and it takes the stove about an hour to raise the temperature from 60 to 70° where we keep it during the day.
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