VC Defiant Encore model 2190 Long thread! Pics Dutchwest re-install!

VCBurner Posted By VCBurner, Jan 20, 2011 at 5:13 AM

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    Got ya! When you put it this way doesn't sound bad afterall. There's a lot that I did not get at in the smoke chamber, because it was tough to reach and I just got the surface. It was a big improvement and looked a thousand times cleaner when I was done. I could possibly get another quart out of that huge 4' tall funnel like smoke chamber. It really surprised me though, how much was caught in the smoke shelf behind the old flue damper! A charred pine cone and two oak leaves not to mention the burned up creosote and dust that gathered there. It would seem to me they should build those with a downward slope that would cause things to slip down into the fireplace. But your liner is most surely cleaner when you're done. It helps to have the size brush that fits tighly in the space you're trying to clean. Not possible in the smoke chamber of a fireplace, as I'm sure you've looked up there and seen for yourself! :gulp: It still amazes me how VC got the original stoves built so well that they are still popular today.
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