What Is In Your Stove Right Now?

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Yes, I can see that (so mix it; first layer walnut, second layer on top something else).
But I would like to learn what then (b/c not ashes) makes it good gun stock material.
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This is what I found on it for curious minds. Basically the perfect wood for it with this stuff in mind.

Walnut is hard, dense, and resilient. It resists warping, suffers little shrinkage and isn't prone to splitting, which is important when working with something as lively as a shotgun. It's easy to work and takes fine chequering exceptionally well.
I built my Summerbeam out of black walnut, and the King post too. It is hard but it is easy to work, and it has beautiful grain. I cut this tree down on my property, and slabbed it out with my chainsaw. It took many hours to sand it, with a 7 inch disc grinder, and a belt sander. The fine powdery sawdust from black walnut will make you sick, it has toxins in it.
Back on topic, last night's 7 pm load of oak and pine is done. I put in a maple ugly and a 4" long 3" dia maple branch piece to keep some coals for a later reload.

48 now, 33 for a low. The home has been 72-73 all day. But that included some from the oven pre-thanksgiving work.
Loaded oak for the last fire for a while. No fire needed for a few days (50s during the day and 40s for a low, so the minisplit will be sufficient, and Sunday I'll be flying out for work. Two days of a low 32-33 next week but given my wife doesn't want to start a fire, I'll let things be done with the minisplit.)

Long red oak pieces left over from my previous stove. So e/w. Thick as well (6"). One 6" round of cedar. Some were even too long for e/w, so I have a gap in the middle. It'll be enough for overnight.

And tomorrow there will be some cooking done too...
The 80 pct load of oak and cedar from last night ran out after exactly 24 hrs. Stove is cooling down. I'll do some ash clean out tomorrow, and will use the minisplit until I am back from a work trip Friday next week. (And the forecast says even then it'll still be minisplit weather...)
45F with overnight low of 37F. slow burning assorted hardwood I bought fall 2021 - by weight of the splits, feel like oaks and maples.

used my thanksgiving day installing new draft guards and spread 2 tubes of caulk around windows that felt drafty. Hopefully this will allow me to save some wood this year.
Happy late thanksgiving everyone! I’ve been continuing the temp tradition here which has been going for weeks now. It’s currently 9F out with the feels like at -1. House is 71 and Dorothy is still eating through last nights load of elm and mahogany. Todays high is headed for around 20. I’ll throw some pine in for that.
My first impression of the Canawick bricks was that they left too much ash.

Then I realized that with very moderate temps, I was just not getting complete combustion. For a couple of days now when the fire is low, I've stirred the embers, and left the bypass open and the door cracked to feed plenty of air.

The volume of "ash" has actually gone down, since most of it wasn't ash, just unburned wood.
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A stove full of only cherry. Supposed to be in the 40’s as a high tomorrow, I may switch to a mix of boxelder and quaking aspen for the daytime.
Agreed. I've been burning a mix of mostly box elder with occasional pieces of pine, aspen, cottonwood and silver maple during the mild days lately...
We're still burning mostly white pine with some of the overnight fires getting three splits of ash. Sooner or later the colder weather will move in so we've been bringing in more hardwood so we're ready, especially with the hard rains we've been getting.

We still haven't burned a face cord of hardwood, we've been reducing a bunch of pine splits so far this year, six face cord so far. We're into the eighth face cord, we'll keep burning pine until it gets real cold. We might mix the pine with some ash during the day and then go with all hardwood at night.
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