insert fireplace

  1. OSBrain

    Harman pellet insert recommendation - P35i vs Accentra 52i

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for your home heating wisdom. I'm looking for insight on pellet burning insert recommendations. Our primary objective is to reduce our oil consumption. Location: western Mass New England, college town, few power outages experienced Ranch style home configuration -...
  2. B

    Narrow fireplace, what are my options?

    Hey all, I'm looking at putting an insert into my fireplace but I'm not entirely sure what my options are due to its shape -- it gets narrow from front to back. The opening of the fireplace is 31.25"l x 23" h and it is 17" w. The issue is that the fireplace is only 23"l at the back. I was...
  3. J

    Questions on Kuma Sequoia Insert

    Hi, My Kuma Sequoia insert was installed a few days ago and I am having a few issues and was hoping someone could help. First off, we have been filling the insert with avocado wood almost 3 times a day!! I was under the impression that this stove has a 10 hour burn time, so not sure if this is...
  4. C

    Regency CI6000 vs Blaze King Princess Insert

    Hi All, I'm going to buy one of those but i need to figure out what is the best. I'm interested in: Long burn time Capability to warm all my apartment (single floor (160 sq mt) insert in the living room, hope it will be able to spread the warm into the bedrooms, only a single door from living...
  5. J

    Need Info on Ashley Insert Model A183624a1

    I own a home that currently has this insert. It does not have glass doors but the solid metal. I am trying to find out the weight of this unit. It was installed in the early 90's. It does have a blower. Any advice or if you know where I can get an owners manual that would be great.
  6. D

    Empress 740HE Insert Wood Stove

    I am looking for a manual for an Empress 740HE insert wood burning stove - apparently this brand was manufactured in Burlington, ON by Empress Fireplace Heaters Mfg. Inc. - the company is no longer in business - the Empress 740HE is approx. 1990 vintage. - anybody have one? Thanks