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  1. C

    Insert vs free standing replacement

    Hey everyone my first post here. Im at a point where i need to make a decision and im not seeing a clear direction on which will be best. So here we go: We bought our home 3 years ago. Its a 1600sqft ranch house. Has a fireplace in the center of the house (picture added) and a fisher baby...
  2. jameshowison

    Cement board to cover gap for small insert stove?

    We have a small insert stove (Stuv 6 insert). All working great, now figuring out finishing. The stoves has a 2” metal frame around it. We would like to keep it at that size. Yet the gap from the frame to the sides of the masonry fireplace is closer to 5”. So there is a gap of 3 “ on the top...
  3. B

    Should I Get a Blaze King? (New & Confused)

    Little backstory, we are on oil baseboard heaters right now and it is EXPENSIVE. It costs us about $550-650 a month depending on the weather and we are absolutely over it. We are looking to invest in an insert for our fireplace. We went down and talked to a dealer today and we've opted to go...
  4. I

    Travis industries Avalon remote replacement

    Hi folks! I've recently moved into a house which has Travis Industries Avalon Radiant Plus Small Insert gas fireplace installed. At first I just used the knobs under the insert to turn it on and off and adjust flame. But they were inconveniently placed behind the from cover that I needed to...
  5. J

    Zero Clearance Insert recommendation

    Hello. I'm wanting some recommendations on wood burning inserts for my superior zero clearance fireplace. The model number is WRT2036WS. Thank you
  6. billglick

    Adding a Flue Collar

    I have an older Lopi fireplace insert that I’m wanting to install in my shop as a free standing wood stove. My problem is there is no flue collar on this insert, and instead an 8” hole going into the fire box. Do I need to fabricate my own flue collar? Any tips on building one? Or is there a...
  7. F

    Looking for a Double SidedWood Burning fireplace

    In the process of building a house. I want a stove for efficiency, but wife won't hear of it. The design of the house would allow for a double sided fireplace, but all the reading I've done on that says it's a bad idea from efficiency and smell purposes. So, looking at an insert, and ideally a...
  8. M

    First time: Installing ceramic fiber board insulation in firebox

    Installer will be arriving in a few weeks to install a new Hearthstone Clydesdale II fireplace insert in our antique house here in southeast Massachusetts. In prepping the firebox, besides cleaning it out, I decided it would be a nice detail to add 1/2" ceramic fiber board insulation to the...
  9. K

    A Not So Grand Room

    Hello, I'd appreciate any and all help. Last year we purchased an old home, 2100 sqft built in 1921 in Putnam County, NY. The home features a large "Grand" Room with 28 foot vaulted ceilings, and a massive open hearth fireplace in the center of the room. After one winter season, we've...
  10. B

    Ashley S3 surround kit - anywhere?

    I have an old Ashley AHI1 insert and I desperately need the wider surround kit...S3 is the part number. Any ideas on where to get one, if even possible? Thank you.
  11. fireplaceinsertnewbie

    Attempting to Install a Kodiak Insert

    Had a chimney company out when I bought the house I live in and they gave me a $18,000 repair cost for my basement fireplace. I've decided to put in a liner and wood burning insert instead. Working on installing a Kodiak wood burning insert in this fireplace. It is a super tight fit. I have...
  12. M

    Help! Identify old Jotul?

    Hi team, Classic story - bought a house and wood stove was in place. It’s a two door wood insert, can’t see any identifications but a Jotul marking. Can’t find it on any Jotul sites (even the antique ones). Anyone have any ideas? Also, the doors won’t close (looks like the latch catcher is...
  13. G

    Lopi Fireplace Insert — insulation

    Hey all, new to the forum today, long time reader. I just had installed a Lopi medium flush insert, a stove with the “convection chamber” or “air jacket” (i.e. a metal jacket around the actual insert with a gap for air to flow thru with a blower). I was wondering if I could insulate around...
  14. S

    Help with Insert for corner fireplace

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this. I have a corner wood fireplace and am wondering if it is possible to get a wood stove insert that fits it (ie if there is one that already fits or that can be ?cut to fit). I've attached a photo. Dimensions are in the attached document. Thanks so much!
  15. M

    Removing the firebox on my El Fuego insert

    My firebox has split apart on the seam, (The pictures below will show the split) I want to replace it with another firebox but I am having trouble getting the flue on the top of the firebox removed. I can lift the flue box that sits on the top of the fireplace regulator but I can't get it high...
  16. redrobyn

    Olympic Fireplace Insert - Glass Replacement

    Does anyone know where I can search to find replacement glass for the doors of my Olympic Fireplace insert? It has two doors that swing out from the center. The image isn't MY stove but it looks JUST like this.
  17. OSBrain

    Harman pellet insert recommendation - P35i vs Accentra 52i

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for your home heating wisdom. I'm looking for insight on pellet burning insert recommendations. Our primary objective is to reduce our oil consumption. Location: western Mass New England, college town, few power outages experienced Ranch style home configuration -...
  18. B

    Narrow fireplace, what are my options?

    Hey all, I'm looking at putting an insert into my fireplace but I'm not entirely sure what my options are due to its shape -- it gets narrow from front to back. The opening of the fireplace is 31.25"l x 23" h and it is 17" w. The issue is that the fireplace is only 23"l at the back. I was...
  19. J

    Questions on Kuma Sequoia Insert

    Hi, My Kuma Sequoia insert was installed a few days ago and I am having a few issues and was hoping someone could help. First off, we have been filling the insert with avocado wood almost 3 times a day!! I was under the impression that this stove has a 10 hour burn time, so not sure if this is...
  20. carlo@ITALIA

    Regency CI6000 vs Blaze King Princess Insert

    Hi All, I'm going to buy one of those but i need to figure out what is the best. I'm interested in: Long burn time Capability to warm all my apartment (single floor (160 sq mt) insert in the living room, hope it will be able to spread the warm into the bedrooms, only a single door from living...
  21. J

    Need Info on Ashley Insert Model A183624a1

    I own a home that currently has this insert. It does not have glass doors but the solid metal. I am trying to find out the weight of this unit. It was installed in the early 90's. It does have a blower. Any advice or if you know where I can get an owners manual that would be great.
  22. D

    Empress 740HE Insert Wood Stove

    I am looking for a manual for an Empress 740HE insert wood burning stove - apparently this brand was manufactured in Burlington, ON by Empress Fireplace Heaters Mfg. Inc. - the company is no longer in business - the Empress 740HE is approx. 1990 vintage. - anybody have one? Thanks