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  1. psbarnwell

    Wood Furnace Questions Shelter SF1000e

    Hey all, I'm new to using a wood furnace (three days). My wife and I decided to install a Shelter SF1000e to tie into our existing oil furnace duct work. I've read some somewhat unfavorable reviews of this unit, but I'm hopeful it will do the job for us. For heating the whole house, I can...
  2. N

    New Shelter SF1000 Not heating up home

    Local hvac person installed a brand new shelter sf1000. After firing it up the house doesn’t get past 63 degrees and the fan runs non stop. I feel absolutely no air coming from the vents. Any ideas what could be happening here? Thanks in advance
  3. S

    Draft Regulator on Newmac oil/wood combination furnace

    Hi all, new member and new wood burner here 👋Threads on this site have been really helpful so far! I recently moved into a rural property and inherited the wood/oil combination furnace heating system. I've figured out that the model is the CL86/96C and the manual is actually available online...
  4. M

    Forced air furnaces

    Good evening guys, So here is my situation. I have a 3000sq ft house single story that is with a finished basement. Two years ago we put in a jotul kennenback 450 in our living room which is almost dead center in the house. This thing heats really well but the heat doesnt seem to reach our back...
  5. S

    England 28-3500 - Low Heat Issue

    Hoping someone might be able to help. I am new to wood furnaces entirely. Just got a England 28-3500 for my shop - no ductwork, just to dump the heat out into the room. I can’t seem to get the fire burning hot. I have a thermometer about 12”up the pipe. It’s is topping out at about 250 degrees...
  6. J

    Please help! Newbie in dyer need of guidance!

    Hello, I just bought a shelter SF1000 (2017 manufacture date) from menards brand new. I have installed it in my garage and am going to pipe it under neath my modular home to help out with my propane expenses, I have the stove installed, the chimney done perfectly no back draft. The stove heats...
  7. L

    Wood/propane add on

    I just added an Energy King wood furnace to my propane furnace. My Hvac contractor built a lovely plenum and ductwork into my propane ductwork. He plumbed the wood furnaces cold air return into the propane cold air ductwork. He separated both furnaces cold air ductwork w/slides so they are...
  8. A


    Good day all !!!! I am not usually one for forums however I am at a loss, need to desperately diversify in my heating source, and no one I've spoken with seem competent. So in efforts to do my homework prior to a large, permanent purchase, I am here. We have a 2000 sq ft home and a...
  9. C

    PSG Caddy wood/electricity furnace blower issues

    Good morning! I had a PSG caddy wood/electricity furnace installed 1 month ago and I'm really satisfied with it so far. Since yesterday I have a problem with the blower. When the blower is at speed 6, it doesn't work correctly and make a big roaring sound. Its look like that it doesn't push...
  10. T

    Building new full log home need advice on heating with wood.

    Hi all, We are building a log home in northern WI. Basement, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3000sq ft approx. We want to avoid forced air if at all possible. Also, need to consider the possibility of power outages during heating season. Would a wood stove in basement, with vents in floors and ceilings...
  11. P

    Burning Paper Logs

    Hello! I was wondering if their is a demand for an automated device that creates paper logs to be burned for heat in wood burning stoves/furnaces. The idea I have is that their is plenty of junk mail that gets sent to our houses. Instead of throwing it away my device would shred, compress...
  12. K

    insurance help....no ul on stove

    We just bought a house and love our stove, it was designed and built by a fireman. EVERY insurance company we've asked won't insure the house, they say it's home made and therefore unsafe... help
  13. Blowingsmokeupyourchimney

    Why the wood haters?? One bad apple...

    I burn wood to heat my home and shop. I know a lot of people who do. But I have to ask about the people and groups that are against it. I have seen a few posts or forums on this topic and have been looking at Heated Up! and other sites. I still think wood burned inside a combustion chamber is...