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    I inherited a wood stove...a Federal Airtight Dutch West India. From articles on hearthnet, I realize that these aren't the best stoves as far a quality goes, but it was free, and I have always wanted a stove. I will certainly purchase a newer model when I am able to do so, but right now I'm stuck with this stove as winter approaches. However I was hoping that you could tell me a little about the stove....the older woman that owned it literally tried to burn it up....she burned off what I believe was the heat shield on the back wall, and some other part on the sidewall opposite the door. Can these parts be replaced? What exactly were they? Also, there is a lid on the top of the stove that at one time had a temperature gauge on it that is now missing. On the inside of that opening there may have been some sort of filter or shield that was burned away, what was that, and can it be replaced? Would any product stores still carry these parts? Would Majestic Products be a possible source....the stove was built in 1983? I would really appreciate any information that you could give me. Thank you so much.


    Your stove was made overseas...probably Taiwan, before the company was taken over by Vermont Castings and then Majestic/CFM. There is very little chance they will have parts. Your best bet for parts would be: http://www.blackswanhome.com/parts/parts.htm

    or Woodsmans at: https://www.hearth.com/partsplace.html

    make certain you mention the age of the unit (pre-vermont castings or pre-majestic)

    Link: Parts by Black Swan
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