MF Fire Announces Catalyst (Mulciber)

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Oct 18, 2013
FOR RELEASE 12 P.M. EST, MAY 14, 2016

Press Release
MF Fire Announces Catalyst™: The First Smart, Ultra-Clean Wood Stove

Now accepting pre-orders for Catalyst following successful beta program
Hyattsville, MD: MF Fire today opened official pre-orders for Catalyst, the first smart, ultra-clean wood
stove. Catalyst uses a smart controller to continuously optimize combustion, providing the perfect burn every
time while allowing users to precisely adjust their fire from their smart phones.
Catalyst is based on technology originally developed in the University of Maryland, Fire Lab. MF Fire
Founders Ryan Fisher and Taylor Myers began work on the project as graduate researchers with advisor
and material flammability expert Prof. Stoliarov. The team developed an automated wood stove for the
Alliance for Green Heat’s Wood Stove Design Challenge. The stove, originally called Mulciber, won the Low
Emissions prize in that competition in 2013, and the Grand Prize in 2014, measuring just 0.2 grams per hour
of particulate matter, or soot; less smoke than a single cigarette.

"We are incredibly excited to open pre-orders for the Catalyst. We think this is really going to change how
people look at wood burning. It doesn’t need to be dirty, it doesn’t need to be hard. Wood is an inexpensive,
local, and renewable fuel source, and we want to open it up to everyone.” Taylor Myers, co-founder and
CTO noted. “We’ve had the most positive feedback about the app. The precise control at the touch of a
button really appeals to the wood stove users we have talked to.”

MF Fire anticipates being able to fulfill the first several hundred orders received this year, pending their initial
EPA certification.

About MF Fire
MF Fire is a fire technology company leveraging advanced combustion science to engineer superior fire
products. Our first product is Catalyst, the world’s first ultra-clean wood stove. Built on state-of-the-art
combustion techniques and a smart controller, it delivers users with “push-button” simple, automatic control
of the heat output of the stove. MF Fire technology and products have won numerous awards, including:
Energy Efficiency Prize, 2014 MIT Clean Energy Prize; Low Emission Prize, 2013 Wood Stove Design
Challenge; Grand Prize, 2014 Wood Stove Design Challenge; People’s Choice Award, 2014 MIT Clean
Energy Prize; and 2014 Maryland Innovator of the Year.
For more information, visit us at or call us at (240) 285-4225
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