New Tires - Or Why one really should clear slash out of the road...

zzr7ky Posted By zzr7ky, Nov 8, 2010 at 12:42 PM

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  1. zzr7ky

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    Hi -

    Over the years folks on the board here have encouraged me to get appropriate safety gear, clear slash away from the tree base and a long way down the escape route and I'm sure it's saved me a good deal of grief.

    So Saturday I was dropping a couple of Ash trees. They had already been topped and almost all the branches had been cleared from the site. So I dropped the 18" and 24" trunks and buck them to 16". I rolled them to make a path for the truck so I could load them. When I pulled up I heard/felt a massive tire failure. A small Y shaped branch with a sharp end had cut the sidewall on both my passenger side tires!!

    I'll be adding a stiff rake to the tool complement in the future. I think I got used to ignoring a lot of the smaller brush working in a swampy area last Spring. I needed a set of tires, and the adventure didn't upset any plans for the day so I'm counting it as a blessing/learning oportunity.

    All the best,
  2. Uper

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    Thanks for sharing. I know I'll be a little more careful now! I think about it more though when I'm on my Rhino going through areas with a lot of brush.
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