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  1. N.E.K. - D.D.S.

    How to PAINT a soapstone stove (Woodstock Fireview)

    I want to paint this ugly soapstone over with some paint. I am going to paint over all the brick and old wood in this whole house while I'm at it. Maybe a nice builder's beige color, like the late 90's/early 2000's. Something in the cheapest latex I can find, slopped on with a 50 cent brush...
  2. N

    Hearthstone Manchester or Shelburne for a 1200-1800Sqft home? Or other recommendations, needs to be REAR-VENTing

    Hi all! Recently purchased a new home and we are replacing a problematic stove (missing some parts etc). We have a chimney build into the home with a large (8"?) diameter hole for a stove pipe vent to be attached to it and that's how the last stove was, so we are looking for wood stoves with...
  3. Chill in Northern VT

    Hearthstone iii Top Stones...Cement?

    Hi Everyone. I picked up a barely used little Hearthstone iii this year and we have been using it with great success after a thorough cleaning. We recently replaced the door/glass gaskets. After a day of 65+MPH winds and crazy gusting, I got some back-drafts out of the top of the stove that...
  4. D

    Steel to soapstone?

    Hello all, New here but I've been reading threads from you folks for a while. Wanted to get some experienced advice on a possible stove transition. My wife and I are in a pretty new, well insulated 2 story 3200 sq ft home, heating with a NC30 Englander. It does the job nicely overall (6-8h...
  5. K

    Opel 2 Hearth Extension options

    Hi all! We have installed an RSF Opel 2 as part of a renovation. The enclosure is in place, but without any hearth extension structure. A few questions: I know code suggests it should go out 16" from the firebox. Do you recommend we go out further? I was thinking maybe 18" or 20" so there is...
  6. A

    Soapstone and Water Heating Considerations on Buying a Wood Stove

    Hi Everybody, I'm trying to decide on a wood stove for my home expansion project. It will need to do the following: Heat a minimum of 1600 square feet (800 downstairs, 800 upstairs, square floorplan) - stove will be centrally located Heat a maximum of 2200 square feet if I add a 600 square...
  7. K

    Newbie... How do I use my new soapstone stove?

    Hi! I’m new here. We just got ourselves a new Hearthstone Homestead soapstone stove. We did our two break in burns. So today I wanted to start cranking up the heat. Got everything fired up and ready and I realized I was stupid and didn’t quite understand how the stove worked. I get the secondary...
  8. G

    Is soapstone insert bad for occasional Soapstone

    I am looking into a fireplace insert (zero tolerance fireplace) but only plan to use the insert for fires a few times a week. Am concerned reading the Clydesdale manual that I would have to do a warm up fire each time to warm up the soapstone if it is cold start (wouldn't this generate a lot of...
  9. O

    New hearthstone line. Green mountain cat

    See pic I guess the soapstone is inside?
  10. M

    Soapstone vs Brick vs Anything Else

    Hello, Just placed a bear (Papa) in my basement yesterday that I had found. While moving it, we emptied the bricks to make it lighter and found quite a few broken ones, so I decided to research different options. I wanted to know the best material with which to replace the bricks? Fire...
  11. Z

    How to evaluate used wood stoves

    I'm new to this forum, I hope this question hasn't been asked a hundred times - I did a quick search and didn't see it. I've been renting a home with a Woodstock Soapstone Stove and loving it - I'm building my own house now and looking at stoves. My budget is tight so I've been looking at used...
  12. Triple

    Ice Storm Rumors

    Hello all. I live in upstate NY...WAY upstate! Back in '98 there was an ice storm that knocked out power for nearly 2 weeks, and it is rumored that this year we may get that again. So, being a genius like the rest of you I am not fearful about heat since I too use the best source of fuel...wood...