Connecting 45° Elbow To Flexible Chimney Liner Combatibility - Kinda Urgent

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Yes you could recess it back a bit further into the fireplace if there's room. You could leave the surround off completely or make a custom one to fit the recess.

PS: Will there be a block-off plate installed?
Don't be sorry about ignoring us to go have your kid! Congrats man! Boy or girl?

So why does cutting the elbow void any warranty other than the elbow itself?

You could recess the stove a bit...I am not even using the surround on my Drolet 1400i that I am working on installing. I made a 1/4" steel base with legs to set it on (gives it more of a free standing stove look) and then I plan to have a metal shop laser cut a thin piece of steel to set between the insert top and the arch of my fireplace, in a forest/wildlife scene (like maybe deer in the pines?)
Depending on how far back you need to go, you may be able to mod the surround to fit anyways...
Hey thanks, I had a little girl. Healthy in every way. God is good.

So just an update, I had a fireplace mason (not sure their actually title) come out and take a look at the situation. He suggested using the offset adapter. It could inhibit flow, but it's not really much of a sacrifice and would be the easiest fix across the board. I may just go that route. Recessing the fireplace sounds awesome, but I don't think it would give it quite the "finished" look and my wife really wants that.

And yes either way I will be installing a block-off plate.
Hey thanks, I had a little girl. Healthy in every way. God is good.
Big thumbs up!
Those offset adapters are famous for causing smoke rollout when you have the door open on a hot reload...and reduced draft on start up, especially when the temps aren't real what we are gonna have here in a few weeks...when you want to fire up just to take the chill off the house a bit. If you have to go that way then so be it, but I'd try REAL hard to get away without it myself.
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