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  1. C

    Full masonry brick and concrete blocks wall hole size

    Hi and thanks in advance for the help. I got this indoor masonry fireplace that has an indoor masonry chimney in the living room. It is location in the middle of my house. I am preparing to make a hole in the back of the fireplace (on the dining room brick wall) to install a brand new wood cook...
  2. B

    Classic case of being upsold, or actually an issue?

    Lots to unpack here, but I'll try to be brief. Moved back into a family home 1.5 years ago and replaced an original VC Defiant with a new 2021 Defiant. Kept the setup the exact same for ease. Got a sweep and got to work burning. I had someone come out to do an inspection this Fall and not...
  3. N

    Time for a chimney liner?

    My insurance company has said they won't insure my existing stove (too old and doesn't have an EPA rating), so I need a new stove and a WETT inspection (I'm in Canada). My current setup is a free standing wood stove in my basement. It connects to a masonry chimney like this: Unlike this...
  4. M

    Bad Chimney Liner Installation

    I'm writing in regards to an installation I've recently had done by a certified WETT technician - I live in an area where there are only two certified technicians in 500 kilometres and one started a fire in my wall and the other has just done what I perceive to be a very sloppy install. I was...
  5. B

    Venting Wood Stove Into An Old Chimney. Help!

    Hi Everyone, I'd really appreciate your thoughts on installing a small Defender 2 wood stove in my century home. I have a brick chimney, not lined but 2 bricks thick, as far as I can tell, that has a vent hole for a stove. My house is 180 years old and I'm guessing the chimney is slightly newer...
  6. J

    Wrap vs preinsulated liner

    Okay everyone, I'm looking for opinions far and wide. DH is set on instaling a new masonry chimney liner as a DIY project for our new wood stove as the current flue is too large to provide a proper draft. It's a 20' chimney and I'm definitely going with insulated. (No pour in type). I've come...
  7. S

    Liner and cap on a 100 year old Chimney with rectangular flue

    I need some advice getting my chimney lined and capped. Per my thread on choosing a stove, I plan on having Jotul F45 or Hearthstone Craftsbury professionally installed by the dealer. However the chimney needs to have the top courses reset, and the dealer is not a mason, so I need to solve that...
  8. Snowden

    Safe to line chimney?

    I’m new here. I hope that I’m posting in the right area and someone might have some two cents to offer. The question in about lining a chimney in our old 1890-something home. Is there a chance our chimney could still be lined even though we were told otherwise a couple years ago? The...
  9. E

    Chimney Liner Crisis!!

    Hey Guys, I’m rather new around here but I am wayyy in over my head. I picked up a wood burning insert to go into my masonry chimney the other day and had a chimney sweep come out today to check out my situation. Well... apparently I’m screwed because my chimney is 6.25”x17” D and he felt very...
  10. pyrojoe

    Cinder block chimney install

    Hi all, it's been a few years since I've burnt wood due to moving to a new place. I've been hoping to get a wood burning furnace installed in the basement and haven't gotten it done to this point (more questions coming on that). My first item of business is getting my chimney situation figured...
  11. W

    Block Chimney, need liner?

    Yup, I'm a rookie. But that said, I do ask questions and try to make it close to safe. We have a 16" block chimney that I feel had been used for a wood stove in the garage. The garage is the length of the house, under the back part of our house, we live on a hill. The kitchen and a bath are...
  12. VirginiaIron

    To Insulate or Not Insulate a Flexible Liner - That is the question!

    I have been debating the use of insulation on a flexible liner and I have received mixed opinions from some people and the sales reps. It seems that insulation is required from most insurance companies to maintain safe clearances rather than stack temp and creosote- although stack temps and...
  13. R

    Advice on chimney liner options

    I am planning on installing a supplemental wood burning furnace in my basement. The wood burner furnace recommends 6” pipe for smoke stack (28 sq. inch draft). I have a 32 ft. tall brick chimney that has a clay liner in good shape with what appears to be 6”x 10” inner measurements. The gas...
  14. H

    Broken chimney flex liner advice

    So long story short I just bought a home with a wood furnace in the basement. Due to a lazy home inspector I was unaware that the clay liner in the chimney is cracked and broken until I started to clean and inspect myself. So I now need to install a stainless steel flex liner. My chimney is...
  15. D

    Connecting 45° Elbow To Flexible Chimney Liner Combatibility - Kinda Urgent

    I have a fairly ugent request. I'm trying to install a wood burning insert into my existing masonry fireplace and realized the insert is not deep enough to connect the 6" Liner to the opening on the insert. The hole on the insert (Century CW2900) sits about 9"-10" back from the front of the...
  16. webfish

    Calculators Chimney Liner Size Calculator And Selection Guide

    This handy guide is provided to assist you in choosing the right size and type of chimney liner for your home.
  17. R

    Installing cast iron insert in old stone fireplace.

    Hello, I am hoping to get some advice for a project I am working on. Below are the details. My wife and I bought a late 1940's house that has an older open stone fireplace. Its in excellent shape. We have burned a couple very small fires in it, but just for looks rather than for heat. It does...
  18. StampJar

    Prefab fireplace with wood stove

    Hey everyone- I've read a couple of similar posts about the issue, but I still seem to get different answers from the local chimney and fireplace companies in my town. I purchased a home and currently have a Martin Industries prefab fireplace that vents up a wood framed typical prefab chimney...
  19. M

    Proper installation through cinder block

    Hello, First time post, although I've read many others. This is a great resource. I am installing an insulated 6" chimney liner in my existing chimney. The liner will drop down into the basement, where a cinder block wall sits between the chimney and interior wall of the basement. The...
  20. C

    Correctly Sizing Chimney Liner for Propane Furnace Exhaust

    I upgraded to a newer high-efficiency furnace (not over 90%) which exhausts into my existing chimney. Last winter I had moisture weeping thru the chimney block. In researching the issue, I need a liner to stop this issue. So my question is: How big a diameter liner do I need? I currently...
  21. webfish


    Relining a Masonry Chimney Introduction to the Basics Chimney relining is often the best way to assure safety and proper performance with solid fuel (wood, coal, pellet) appliances. In fact, chimney lining has become almost mandatory in order to bring existing chimneys up to present codes...