Heat Pump Water Heaters

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Burning Hunk
Nov 30, 2012
NE Wisconsin
So it's been 19 or so days with the new waterheater. In the time I've used 164 Kwh and around 11 days with the old heater. According to my previous reading on the electric bill, I've used about 1081 kwh this billing cycle. Last billing cycle was 1377 kwh and the year prior was 1590 kwh. I'm excited and I've also noticed as I've been using the woodfurnace, the usage has been lower with the HPWH. That's quite a savings and it will get better next month (that is until the pool starts back up). Also, no more dehumidifier running since the water heater is taking care of the humidity. We currently are in the works of a new heating and cooling system (no ac now) and eventually a new fandangled wood furnace.

Tell us more about that "new fandangled wood furnace".



Minister of Fire
Oct 2, 2006
Ashland OH
Tell us more about that "new fandangled wood furnace".

Ahhhh.....just a computer controlled model. The man that came out for the estimate for heating and cooling was shocked about the size of the house but impressed by its comfort. I got the HPWH and a heat commander will be next lol.
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