Let's talk Vermont Castings

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Good Morning everyone!

I quietly watch the forums and I've noticed a bunch of questions/concerns about Vermont Castings, especially new 2020 unit launches. When HHT acquired Vermont Castings, my team and I took over R&D of all new models. We're really proud of the launch of the recent Aspen C3 and Dauntless and I'd like to answer any questions and provide supporting data on testing performed to make sure these units are more reliable, easier to operate and last longer than VC designs of the past.

Also, to members that might still remember who I am: Hi everyone, glad to see so many familiar names still posting.
I have an Aspen C3 question. Is the smart wool just for filtering for emissions standards, or does it serve some other purpose? Ours got gunked up pretty quickly when we bought the stove because of burning wood that was too wet, and was fairly expensive to replace. I am also on my third baffle board in one year. They seem unreasonably fragile. I gotta say I don't understand why a sheet of steel couldn't be used instead.