Wood ID challenge

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The leaf is identical to the leaf of our local ash trees. The bark is not quite the same as our ash trees, but similar. It could be ash.

Box Elder is rated at 18 million BTU per cord, so it is not as good firewood as ash, which is rated at 21 or 22 million BTU. Also box elder is rated as "Difficult" to split. Ash is easy to split. I do love to use ash for firewood.

The tree went over in a storm. Around here the ash trees are all dying, and they are the first to go over in a storm.
So far the Ash trees are untouched by the EAB as the larvae can’t survive our cold winters but they say they will eventually evolve to survive it or as they also say our winters are getting warmer and we don’t hit -35 to -40f as often as we used to so that could be bad for the Ash here too. I was wondering what the heat content of Boxelder was.
My eyes said boxelder when I looked at the photos.
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I split the rounds and I thought I’d send one more shot of the very red core, it might have made some nice lumber.