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  1. BeachBumm

    Insert or Free Standing?

    In my quest to purchase my 'last wood stove' I saw the Blaze King Ashford 25 insert & the Pacific Energy Alderlea T5 insert. The concept is good, as they don't take up much space, but they seem a little low (bending over to load), and I wonder how well they actually heat without the fan...
  2. Chamel

    Need help! Will a Blaze King Sirroco 20 or 30 be too Large for my place?

    Hi everyone. Hope everyone is well and getting ready for burning soon. I'll try to make this short. I am looking to purchase a new wood stove as my primary heat source and was hoping to get some of your help and opinions. I currently own a PE vista and it does a great job of heating the place...
  3. P

    Gravity Kits, what are the benefits?

    I'm in the process of deciding between the Pacific Energy FP30 Arch or the Osburn Stratford and I wanted to know what how useful the gravity kits will actually be. I had a few questions considering both fireplaces have blowers and louvers just above the firebox... I am trying to heat a vacation...
  4. Chamel

    Crack in my Replaced Pacific Energy Vista Repair or Replace?

    Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. Not sure if I should start a new thread or resurrect my old one. I'll try to make this short. Last year I discovered some cracks in the welds of my Pacific Energy Vista after burning for a couple of seasons. After contacting my dealer he was able to...
  5. G

    Pacific energy EBT2 importance

    Ok so I was just about to push the button on ordering a Super 27 after feeling that the Summit is probably too big for my space but I have noticed that the Super 27 doesn't have the EBT2 extended burn technology that the Summit and Neo range have. I just assumed it was across the range but no...
  6. DOC Robbins

    Pacific Energy Spectrum 27 Centrifugal Fan Blower

    Greetings all, In your opinion, which direction (Forward or Backward) would I use to gain the most efficient airflow over the heavy plate-steel top? Its time to clean the fins so would like to see what the comments are. Currently, I have a backward fan set up. Many thanks.

    PE Alderlea T6 first fire & break in period?

    My wife and I just built a new house. We have a brand new Pacific Energy Alderlea T6 stove and about 6 cord of seasoned and split oak, maple, and ash. We have read the owners manual cover-to-cover however we have a few questions. What is a good guideline for the first fire and subsequent...