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tv will be too high like rick said with the distance between the furniture and the wall you will end up with a stiff neck, and a ton of heat does not always go well with electronics
I am still debating about mounting a TV or keeping the TV in its location now. Opinion?

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I'd go with a projector for these reasons:

Cheaper, more screen size, electronics not directly above heat source and finally if you get a motorized screen you can roll it up out of the way when not in use so you can see the expensive stone you've bought.

Below is a picture of my set up when it first got done. still needed to pull carpet, resurface hardwood and route wires. Not sure on the height or distance to the couch, but it is rather high when sitting up on the couch, when reclined it is perfect. I'd guestimate the bottom of my TV is at roughly around 60 inches off the floor give or take.

I love being able to watch TV and my fireplace at quite literally the same time...


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