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QandA Posted By QandA, Nov 17, 2007 at 9:58 PM

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    Our new house once contained a wood stove. There is a 7'x8' tile area in the basement and an 8" thimble into a chimney about 64" above the floor. There is also a large hood over the tile area. I would like to have something there. Appearance is more important than heating efficiency; I'd pretty much settle for a net gain. A free standing fire place would look nice. Malm products are attractive, but my local dealer was unsure about an instillation with a 3 foot horizontal run.He said some Jotul units look like a fireplace with the doors open. The house is fairly modern, and gothic cast iron doesn't appeal, even though Jotul is probably more efficient. Do you have any ideas or comments?


    The 3 foot run may be OK, depending on the total height of the chimney and the inside chimney diameter. Certain Malm units may require less draft than others....ask the manufacturer about your particular situation.

    There are not a lot of modern looking woodstoves and fireplaces on market. Check out Pacific energy.
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