1. A

    Wood stove chimney liner potential issue?

    Hey all! I posted a little while back about installing a jotul into by existing old masonry chimney (no existing clay flue). I managed to get a flexible ss liner that is insulated with the 1/2 blanket down the chimney and connected into the top of my wood stove. My issue is the liner seems to...
  2. projectanavita

    Traditional Hearth Modification questions

    I have an 1880's house I am looking to install a wood stove in. I was told a traditional hearth, with bricks, doesn't meet the k value requirements in the manual. So I cut into the knotty pine with the goal of building my own hearth out of aircrete since the K value is really high and even...
  3. M

    Help with hearth and surround modifications for wood stove insert

    We recently moved into an older (1960s) 2,500 sq ft home with a wood fireplace and oil heat. We’re looking to put a wood stove insert in the fireplace to improve our current heating situation. I’ve been reading lots on this forum and am considering the Enviro Boston or Venice 1700 models as...
  4. N

    Shared wall/brick hearth for added heat storage/release

    Hello, New to the forum and looking for some advice. I have a Drolet Savannah (found on CL for $250) that I plan on installing in our 1100sq. ft. single story home (slab construction). The plan is to centrally locate it on a wall that will partition a bedroom area. My hope was to use brick or...
  5. R

    Chimney Leak with Wind/Heavy Rain

    Hi, First post. My brick chimney used to leak along the back wall of the firebox when it rained it was already capped. I had the chimney crown redone, retucked brick work and waterproofed whole chimney. After words the leaking decreased dramatically but did not stop completely during heavy...
  6. Y


    Greetings! Wonderful to discover this great forum. I've found a couple of threads dealing with my challenge, but it appears most of these other explorations of cutting/grinding brick were smaller in scope. I have fallen in love with the Buck 74 as an install for the 15' masonry fireplace in our...
  7. P

    Buck 26000 questions

    New to using a wood burning stove. Read the manual, but doesn’t say a whole lot. Wondering if I need the wood grate inside our freestanding stove and are the bricks necessary? I’ve read that bricks are only needed if burning coal, but we are only burning wood. Have read others that contradict...
  8. M

    Where to find 9" x 4" x 1.25" Firebrick? (Englander NC-30)

    Hi all, I got an Englander NC30. It's in good shape, but I accidentally broke some of the bricks during transport. For the life of me I can't find any replacements. Lowe's sells bricks, but they're 9 x 4.5 instead of 9 x 4 (even though their website describes them as 4" actual size... false...
  9. KPru

    Chimney top rebuild, Liner/Insert install, Data logging

    I recently completed rebuilding the top of my chimney, adding a liner and installing a wood insert. I wanted to share here for several reasons: I'm pretty proud of about 95% of the project and wanted to document it As an amateur DIY'er, this took a lot of research/learning (much here), and...
  10. E

    Newbie... Having a hard time.

    Howdy, I'm totally new to this whole wood burning thing. So far, I absolutely love it, but I definitely have a lot to learn... Right now, my problem is I'm having a really hard time burning a nice hot fire for a decently long amount of time. I'll explain my set up. -Century CW2900i with...
  11. G

    Cleaning brick fireplace with muriatic acid

    My brick fireplace has some water damage and is generally dirty from 50 years of use. I grabbed some muriatic acid but there doesn't seem to be any good tutorial videos. Does anyone have any experience or found a tutorial that was helpful?
  12. seaninnj

    Time lapse - German Schmeer and fireplace insert install

    Took the GoPro and setup a time lapse to capture the application of the german shimmer on the old fireplace brick. We love how it turned out. Thanks all for the tips on how to get this done without too much fuss.
  13. M

    Soapstone vs Brick vs Anything Else

    Hello, Just placed a bear (Papa) in my basement yesterday that I had found. While moving it, we emptied the bricks to make it lighter and found quite a few broken ones, so I decided to research different options. I wanted to know the best material with which to replace the bricks? Fire...
  14. J

    Mantel Installation on Brick

    Hello All, First forum post here. Lots of great information, and I'm hoping the experience here will be able to help me on this tangential but related topic! We recently purchased a home built in the 70s with a wood burning fireplace. I originally thought it was entirely brick, but after...
  15. B

    Building Rumford fireplace Advice Needed

    Hi guys I'm new on this forum. I need an advice from the experts who are familiar with building a Rumford fireplace. I'm using the plans provided by website. But I cannot use their components so I need to cast them by myself. Since my chimney is already built I need to make a...
  16. Don H

    Removing Fire Bricks

    Picked up a Papa Bear today and it needs several bricks replaced. I believe the bottom bricks come out first, followed by the side and then back bricks. However these bricks seem to be in very tight. Anyone have any tips on how to remove them? What tools to use? Where to start (front or back)...
  17. R

    Outdoor Fireplace Chimney Extension

    I have a brick outdoor fireplace built against an exterior wall of my house. The chimney will need to be extended up about 12' due to a second floor addition. I'd rather not add more brick so thinking some sort of class A extension is best. The fireplace get's used a few times a year. The...
  18. M

    Mid-Century Fireplace Conversion Questions

    Hey all, Sorry if this is a re-post, but I searched around and couldn't find answers to all my fireplace questions I have. I have a house that was built in the late 50s / early 60s, and am looking to get the fireplace operational again. I recently had a chimney sweep inspect everything, and...