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  1. J

    LP Fireplace Insert Not Starting Properly

    I recently installed a KozyHeat Chaska 29 LP Fireplace Insert in my old existing wood fireplace/chimney, and it is having difficulty starting up during cold/windy days. All connections are solid, and I actually fabricated my own chimney cap. With the chimney cap, I used(2) 3" duct 90 deg elbows...
  2. L

    Jensen Wood/Coal Insert - Model / UL Approved?

    Hello Everyone, I need help finding the model on this wood fireplace insert. The only thing I see on it is the word Jensen on the little gold plaque. I am pretty sure this unit is UL approved but a manual or something would be great. Thank you all in advance.
  3. M

    Raising a Fireplace Xtrordinaire 430 DeLuxe

    My daughter has decided that she wants a gas insert for her fireplace. Her biggest "want" is the biggest viewing area and because she has a very low hearth that's maybe 2" above the floor, we're thinking about elevating the insert. I realize that however you raise the insert, the material should...
  4. J

    Double sided fireplace

    The dreaded double sided wood fireplace! I know this has been posted before but I really don’t see a great option for my dilemma. I am looking for all options for an efficient way to heat and utilize the current fireplace space I have. But also doesn’t cost the same as a new truck. The...
  5. R

    Kodiak Woodstove Improvements

    I have this working Kodiak stove in my living room, and want to spruce up/improve its surroundings. (The stove has a fireplace insert and the proper chimney liner.) 1. Those vents - are they necessary to the functionality of the stove? (If not, I have plans…) 2. I am not happy about how the...
  6. Pinedrop

    Wood-Burning Inserts vs. Keeping Wood-Burning Fireplace

    Our local dealer cannot install a large Lopi NexGen-Fyre until winter 2022, so we are considering: 1) Using our wood-burning fireplace until next spring and then installing an insert 2) Upgrading our current wood-burning fireplace to increase its efficiency In October 2015, @webfish posted...
  7. M

    Lopi fireplace insert -wood or gas???

    We just moved into an older home with what I think is a Lopi fireplace insert. I don't know anything about them. I "think" it's gas since it had a dial and plug but really have no idea. I went to the Lopi website to see if I could find a user manual but no luck there. Can anyone help me out...
  8. RoseRedHoofbeats

    Fireplace insert and remodel?

    Good afternoon y'all and Happy Thanksgiving! So I was a member here a MILLLLLLLION years ago putting a wood stove in my trailer. I'm now moving into a house that has a gorgeous fireplace that I want to get an insert for, and also redo in a limestone (manufactured) veneer (similar to this...
  9. C

    Help identifying fireplace insert!

    Hello! My wife and I purchased our first home earlier this year and have been enjoying burning some wood this fall on the chilly nights. I was just wondering if anyone has any idea what kind of fireplace insert this is as I am unable to find any sort of markings on the insert itself to lend...
  10. H

    Glacier bay fireplace insert

    I bought a home that has this glacier bay fireplace insert and I want to remove it. So, first, how old would say it is? Who do I call to remove it? And anything that I need to be concerned about with the removal? Also, where could I post to resale? Is there a market for this?
  11. M

    New Fireplace insert (Newbie questions)

    Hello everybody, I am new here, been reading here for a long time digging for information (and lord, this forum is a wonderful source!) and finally decided to sign up and participate. Well, I will go straight to it- I have built a new fireplace in my house, this is basically a fireplace...
  12. SeanT

    Too many choices! I need help!

    Hi all, Last winter my little boy and I slept in our mummy bags in bed, because my winter comforter couldn't keep us warm in a bedroom that was 40+ degrees. I decided to put in a fireplace insert only to realize there are so many make and models and so much to consider besides the size and...
  13. W

    Is this a Fisher stove insert? Double doors

    I'm thinking of putting an offer in on a house, and this wood burning stove is in the basement, obviously put inside a fireplace. Someone thought it may be a Fisher stove, but I'd like to get some expert opinions on it if I could. This is the only and best screen capture that I can get from...
  14. C

    Ironstrike Montlake 300?

    Hi guys. I’m new to the site. I have been researching wood burning inserts for my fireplace and have a few that I am interested in. I have been talking to a local dealer and the unit he believes I would be most satisfied in is the Ironstrike Montlake 300. I have a very large space to heat and...
  15. Mike N' Maine

    Looking for Wood Insert opinions

    I've been reading the heck out of this forum for 4-6 weeks now. I've decided on a wood insert for my existing fireplace. (37W x 26.75H x 30D) I'm having my 25ft chimney repointed at top, new cap and 6" insulated Stainless flue installed. It's a end of house, exterior chimney. We are in a 70's...
  16. L

    Replacing Fireplace with insert

    I live in a 1920's house, two stories and a walkout basement. We love our fireplace but we have to either get a wood stove insert or a gas fireplace because the flu has to be fixed, and the diameter of the chimney will be too small for us to be able to make fires that are not all smoke after the...
  17. S

    Fireplace Insert Blower Blowing Smoke

    I am new to wood burning heat this winter. I had a Fireplace Xtrordinair (Travis) Large Flush mounted wood burning fireplace insert installed in September. I've had a few issues with it over the winter, first being that the catalytic combuster fell out into the firebox in the middle of a...
  18. P

    PE Summit Insert Heat Output

    Hoping to get some help...I just bought and installed a PE Summit insert in my masonry fireplace with heatilator setup. I bought my PE based on reviews I had read online. I installed a SS insulated liner in my 16’ chimney, insulated under the rain cap as well as the damper opening of the...
  19. seaninnj

    Time lapse - German Schmeer and fireplace insert install

    Took the GoPro and setup a time lapse to capture the application of the german shimmer on the old fireplace brick. We love how it turned out. Thanks all for the tips on how to get this done without too much fuss.
  20. M

    Insert vs Fireplace

    In my previous house I had a Quadrafire 4100i insert. Recently moved and just have a regular, inefficient masonry chimney. I didn't love the Quadrafire as either the fan or the acoustics of the stove made the fan noise whine at even medium RPMs. Anyway, looking to get another insert for the...
  21. F

    New to me insert, help me ID it

    I just moved into my new to me house. It has a very heavy fireplace insert located in the downstairs part of the house. I just had the chimney sweep guy come by for a cleaning and inspection and everything looked good once he got clear down to the brick. The guy got a total of seven 5 gallon...
  22. J

    Framing out for Wood Insert

    Hey everyone. I am looking for some feedback on my installation of a Supreme Volcano Plus fireplace insert. It ships with their new Circulating Chamber (see attachment) which is essentially a metal surround you are meant to fasten into your masonry. What I am hoping to do is build out 12"...
  23. WaffleIron

    Couple Questions before installing my Napoleon 1402 insert!

    Hey guys, First post here! I've been lurking for a while and want to thank everyone who has contributied to this forum. After much reading I've decided I will most likely get a new fireplace insert and perform the install myself. However I have a couple questions still. This is the Napoleon...
  24. W

    Logistics of adding a wood stove in basement

    I live in a townhouse with a wood burning fireplace. In the basement, there is a recessed area (directly below the fireplace which is one the main level). We have a wood stove that were looking to put into the main level fireplace; however, I'm wondering if it's possible to add a wood stove...
  25. 2 Old Inserts

    2 Fireplace inserts with no liner - Sweep says can't clean and unfit to use!?

    Hello, I have 2 fireplace inserts, 1 in the middle of the house and another in a family room addition. They are from the late 60’s and early 70’s respectively. After living in the house for 3 years (and only using the fireplaces occasionally) I finally got around to hiring a chimney sweep to...
  26. D

    Drolet 1800i or Century CW2900... same fireplace?

    So I'm looking for a budget fireplace with a little kick, enough to heat a 1600sq ft floor, and I've come across 2 finalists. They are the Drolet 1800i and the Century CW2900. The thing is they seem pretty much identical. They are even made by the same parent company. Is one brand "better"...
  27. D

    Wood Insert: Century Heating CW2500 VS. Century CW2900 VS. Colonial by Vogelzang

    Hey guys, I've been high and low looking for budget fireplaces. I've came across 2 that I can find fairly reasonable. They are the "Century Heating CW2500" and the "Colonial by Vogelzang". Century Heating CW2500 - $750 delivered (LINK) or Colonial by Vogelzang - $1100 shipped (LINK) Both...
  28. W

    Fireplace Insert for Heatform Fireplace

    First off, I apologize for starting another thread about a topic which has been discussed many times before, but sometimes it's just easier and cleaner to start a new thread (my first one by the way) :). So, I have a house which was built in 1979 which has a triple flue masonry chimney. The...
  29. D

    Fireplace wood burning insert really works ?

    Hi guys, I have a fireplace that is currently requires small fixes, however another option is to install a wood buning insert in to it to heat up the house. SO my question is, would insert really heat up the whole house or just the room its in, I have apx 2500sqf 2-storey house, so thermostat...
  30. A

    How clean should a chimney be before a new liner?

    Hey everyone, this is the first time I'm posting here. I had some good words suggesting I post here. I'm looking to install a fireplace insert into an old pre-existing fireplace. We use it quite often and didn't clean it as often as we should have. Now to install a wood burning insert I...